Comfy Bodycon Red Women's Waist Floral Long Accept Printed Dress Sleeve Cleanse, match, deduplicate, enrich and maintain third-party and customer data.

Concordance is an Opus service that matches, de-duplicates and cross-references your universe of legal entities. Opus brings together its proprietary matching algorithm, a 20-year history of industry-leading expertise and a research team to provide a single, 100%-accurate view of your legal entities.


Accept Women's Dress Long Printed Red Floral Comfy Waist Bodycon Sleeve Concordance Process


  1. Bodycon Red Waist Dress Floral Comfy Printed Long Sleeve Accept Women's Align internal customer or third party databases quickly and cost-effectively
  2. Improve access to and accuracy of customer, counterparty and third party data
  3. Accelerate customer, counterparty and third party onboarding
  4. Satisfy regulatory reporting requirements
  5. Drive credit models
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How the Concordance Service Works

Women's Printed Long Bodycon Waist Red Sleeve Comfy Dress Accept Floral You provide us with a file of entities—which may come from one or more of your internal data silos. Opus can match these entities across all the vendor databases to which you are licensed. As part of the concordance process, Opus can identify missing and incorrect data as well as add other data attributes. This service is available on its own or can complement any of these products:

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